Where Champions Are Made

Swimmers in the group should be able to swim the 4 competitive strokes legally, as well as perform flip turns for freestyle & backstroke. They should also be able to swim the IM and perform the bucket turn, and complete the exit test set for Sagitta.

Main focus of the group is as follows:
•Emphasis on improving technique, drills & stroke mechanics, and endurance for all strokes (approx 1800 – 2800yds per practice)
•Pace and interval training
•Dryland training 15mins prior to 1Hr 15mins water practice
•Training for Elite Gulf Champs

Practice Times

Competitive Calendar


Swimsuit, swim cap and goggles

Mesh bag, kickboard, pull buoy, paddles, fulcrum, ankle strap, fins, posture trainer, breaststroke strap, snorkel, breaststroke fins and monofin.