Where Champions Are Made

Head Coach-Jason Herbert

Coaching Philosophy

I believe that a coach has the responsibly to ensure that he/she provides the athlete with everything they need to be successful. To achieve this we need to instruct, correct, critique, motivate, encourage, challenge, measure, evaluate and provide the knowledge to help the athlete obtain this goal.

With this premise in mind, I try to produce the total swimmer, physically with exercise and nutrition, mentally trying to open their minds, spiritually opening their hearts and enhancing their souls with righteous and positive values. Since I’m a firm believer that the power lies within, I must teach the swimmer to nurture it, prepare it, and then show them how to tap into it.

I also believe that champions are made at practice, while at the meets it’s emphasized or recognized. To develop this I must first get the swimmer to see themselves as a champion, train like it, believe in it, then with hard work, discipline, dedication, and a never give up attitude they will ultimately become one. The type of champion they will become is solely up to them, since they are the ones who control their destiny. In the end they would have learned how to give their all, as well as gain the necessary tools and valuable skill sets that will help them succeed in life.

Swim Lesson Supervisor and Assistant Coach Jianna Herbert

Masters, Sirius, Rigel, Antares, Booster I and Booster II

Assistant Coach Javonte Herbert

Silver, Gold

Assistant Coach Noah Martinez


Assistant Coach Frank Omoregbee

Assistant Coach Frank Omoregbee

Sirius, Rigel, Antares, Booster I, Booster II