Get Involved

There are plenty of ways to be a part of Club Trident Aquatics. We are not just a place for athletes to learn valuable skills in the sport of swimming, but a place for teamwork, community and family. Each of our members are encouraged to utilize their talents and skills to make Club Trident Aquatics a place to call home.




Annual Swim Team-Organizes 2 fundraisers per year including our Swim A Thon that benefits the swim team and its journey towards USA swimming.

Chair-Caryn Ho

Outreach-Organizes activities that directly support our outreach families to continue to allow them access to reduced rates.

Chair-Ana Colindres

Ongoing-Supports fundraisers like our snack bar, apparel proceeds and equipment purchased through our team store at swim outlet.

CoChairs-Jason Herbert/Lori Sandberg

Grants and Sponsorship-Secures business and organization grants and sponsorships to maintain our mission.

Chair-Lori Sandberg


A group of veteran volunteers who stay at the facility during practice and help new families feel at home and are a source of information on policies, procedures and what to expect.


Plans and organizes events outside of practice where our families can come together, enjoy and relax.

Chair-Lulu Oliveres

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