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Important Policies


Please be courteous of each coach’s time and mindful of their responsibilities to our swimmers while on deck.  Coaches should not be approached while they are coaching as it takes their attention away from our young athletes.  Short conversations after practice are acceptable, or contact them by email. Members of our parent board are available on location most practices and can facilitate scheduling time with the head coach on programming/coach issues or take care of concerns related to payments, committees, communication.

Our main source of information for emergency closures is through Band.

  • We are a year round program.  If you choose to take a break we require a 30 day notice in writing on the official form by the first of each month.  The termination form can be found on our website.
  • We have a variety of programs established to meet family needs and offer flexibility including 2 day at full rate, rates for free and reduced income levels, and our full days programming, but we cannot customize days for each individual family circumstance.  Prorating is only done when athletes join after half of the month has elapsed.  
  • Tuition is due on the first of each month.  There is a grace period till the 5th of each month, and a late fee of $10 incurred on the 10th of the month.  Payment plans can be arranged if there is difficulty meeting this, but you would need to talk to one of us by the fifth.   
  • While each program level has a guideline as to the length of time practiced each week, We rent from Cy Fair/StoneCreek and are at their mercy with pool availability.  Occasionally their program, malfunctions and other unforeseen circumstances may cancel a practice. We will do our best to make what time up that we can, but tuition is based on the month and credits are not made.  This includes shorter months with school vacations such as December. We also do not offer credits if family circumstances have your athlete missing practice.  
  • Those who qualify and utilize our free and reduced income level rates also agree to commit to the full year program or be billed for it upon termination and agree to participate in fundraising activities and raise at least $360 to cover a portion of what the club absorbs for overhead.  
  • Bring all medical issues that could impact your child’s performance or the health of any of our other swimmers to a coach’s attention.  If your athlete has a health issue that is serious enough further injury could occur with practice we require a medical professional to sign off that the athlete has healed and is cleared for practice.  If there is a communicable illness present please keep your athlete home until they are no longer contagious. Some illnesses may require a doctor’s clearance prior to resuming practice. This is at the discretion of the head coach and for the safety of all our members.  If an injury occurs at practice whether to an athlete or a spectator, alert a board member or the coaching staff immediately.  
  • For the safety of both our swimmers and our families parents should stay on the  top two bleachers in the section closest to the restrooms, in the floor section by each outside door (without blocking the doors, and  outside during all practice and are not allowed on the deck near the lanes or in the space where any coach is coaching while at Cy Lakes. This policy may need to be further refined with more restrictive access to keep in compliance with USA requirements.