Where Champions Are Made

Mission Statement

To provide quality aquatic programs for children
in all ethnic groups within the community with
affordable programs that make a meaningful
impact, while at the same time developing
the physical, mental, and athletic abilities of
the participants to help them contribute at
the highest level, either competitively or noncompetitively.

Mission Points

  • To provide quality aquatic programming for the swim team in both competitive andnon-competitive areas.
  • Supply a resource within the community to help prevent child drowning. Harris County has the highest rate of child drowning in the State of Texas each year.
  • Offer quality, affordable aquatic programs that reach all ethnic groups in the community.

Vision and Core Objectives

This will be accomplished through the following:
• Provide an environment where participants of all ages are motivated to excel and reach their desired potential based on a
philosophy of “The Power lies within”.
• Teach all of our participants key values, where rewards can be achieved with hard work and dedication and the benefits that
aquatic activities provide.
• Provide a safe aquatic environment for members to participate and learn the importance of a team and the community.
• Provide coaches who are good role models that instill in the participants the importance of goal setting, motivation, attitude,
enthusiasm, morals and maturity to aid in their development.
• Provide an environment where coaches and athletes may establish realistic goals and objectives that can be measured, where
their progress can be monitored against established standards as benchmarks for the overall improvement of the participants and
the organization.
• Establish Trident as one of the premier organizations in North West Houston that offers quality programs in Swim Lessons,
Swim Team, Master Swimming, Water Polo, Diving and Synchronized Swimming.
• Establish a link with the local community that teaches our participants the importance of community, and the value of giving back which will improve both organization and the community as a whole.
• Develop a program where we will actively work with the High School participants to help them secure Swimming Scholarships for
• Continue to grow and enhance our programs, by building both membership and facilities for the training and development of
our participants.