Where Champions Are Made

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Welcome to Club Trident Aquatics:  

We know you have a choice in where your athlete will swim and appreciate the trust you have put in us.  Attached you will find some information about resources and policies to guide you as you join the team of Champions in the making.  Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.  

Contact Info:  

Please be courteous of each coach’s time and mindful of their responsibilities to our swimmers while on deck.  Coaches should not be approached while they are coaching as it takes their attention away from our young athletes.  Short conversations after practice are acceptable, or contact them by email.  Members of our parent board are available on location most practices and can address or relay concerns.  


Coach Jason Herbert can be reached by email at coachjasonh@clubtridentaquatics.com  and by phone at 713 419-0716 

Coach Noah Martinez can be reached by email at coachnoah@clubtridentquatics.com

Coach Jianna Herbert can be reached at coachjianna@clubtridentaquatics.com

Coach Javonte Herbert can be reached at coachjavonte@clubtridentaquuatics.com

Coach Frank Omoregbee can be reached at coachfrank@clubtridentaquatics.com

Parent Board

Lori Sandberg can be reached at sandberglo@clubtridentaquatics.com 

Orine Davis can be reached at orine_davis@clubtridentaquatics.com

Kelsey Womack  can be reached at kelsey_womack@clubtridentaquatics.com

Flor Rubio can be reached at flor_rubio@clubtridentaquatics.com 


We use Band, which is set up for announcements and any urgent notices.  Download the Band App from Google Play or the Apple App store.  Any member of the Parent Board can invite you or give you the code to get on.  QR codes are available on our newsletters or announcement board. 

There is a black announcement board near the registration, payment and snack bar table that contains useful information. 

Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/clubtridentaquatics

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/clubtriaquatics

Webpage:  http://clubtridentaquatics.com/

Band: Club Trident Aquatics

Club Policies:

We are a Not for Profit organization with a specific mission to keep kids in the water. In order to be able to sustain this mission though we ask that you abide by the following policies:  

  • We are a year round program.  If you choose to take a break we require a 30 day notice in writing by the first of each month.  The termination form can be found on our website. The QR code is available on the Information board at the front desk. 
  • Tuition is due on the first of each month.  There is a grace period till the 7th of each month, and a late fee of $10 incurred on the 10th of the month.  Payment plans can be arranged if there is difficulty meeting this, but you would need to talk to one of us on or before the seventh.   
  • While each program level has a guideline as to the length of time practiced each week, We rent from both Cy Fair & StoneCreek HOA, and we are at their mercy with pool availability.  Occasionally there are times when weather, malfunctions, and or other unforeseen circumstances that may cause us to cancel practice.  We unfortunately do not offer any makeups for canceled practices, especially if they are outside our control. If it is possible we will try to see if there is a way we can help, but tuition is based on the month. This includes shorter months with school vacations such as December.  We also do not offer credits if family circumstances have your athlete missing practice.  
  • We have a variety of programs established to meet family needs, and offer flexibility including 2 day rate for swimmers with a busy schedule, rates for free and reduced income levels with our Outreach Program, and our full rate programs. Kindly note we cannot customize days for each individual family circumstance, but we will try to see if we can accommodate, but they are no guarantees.  Prorating is only done when athletes join after half of the month has elapsed.  
  • Those who qualify for the Outreach Program that utilizes our free and reduced income level rates, you must agree to commit to the full year program. If you forfeit any monthly payment you will be billed at the full rate for your designated group. If you decide you would like to leave the club prior to the full year, then upon termination all monies are due as specified in the agreement you signed. You will also agree to allow CTA to recover $360 per family of the reduced fee absorbed by CTA. This is applied via a monthly offset fee of $30 that is added to your monthly tuition bill. You are welcomed to recoup this fee by finding donors to pay it for you. 
  • Bring all medical issues that could impact your child’s performance/health of any of your swimmers to a coach’s attention.  If your athlete has a health issue that is serious enough where further injury could occur with practice, we require a medical professional to sign off that the athlete has healed and is cleared for practice.  If there is a communicable illness present please keep your athlete home until they are no longer contagious.  Some illnesses may require a doctor’s clearance prior to resuming practice.  This is at the discretion of the head coach and for the safety of all our members.  If an injury occurs at practice whether to an athlete or a spectator, alert a board member or the coaching staff immediately.  
  • If you have any medical issues that require a medical apparatus such as an epipen or inhaler, please bring a labeled bag and place it at our front desk box.  This ensures staff has access in case a guardian, parent or other responsible party is unavailable at the time of the emergency. (i.e. taking a phone call or walking out to the parking lot)
  • For the safety of both our swimmers and our families, while at Cy Lakes parents should stay on the  top two bleachers in the section closest to the restrooms, in the floor section by each outside door (without blocking the doors), and  outside during all practices.   This policy may need to be further refined with more restrictive access to keep in compliance with USA requirements.  
  • Parents  are not allowed, at any of our facilities,  on the deck near the lanes or in the space where any coach is coaching. Only coaches, athletes and authorized volunteer staff, performing club functions, are permitted on the deck. 

These policies are in effect for all members including our Parent Board who receive no special consideration,  since they pay tuition just like any other member. Revisions to our club policies may occur at any time.  Keep current by checking on our website for updates.  

Equipment and Uniforms

All swimmers should come to practice equipped with a swimsuit, goggles, swim cap, towel and protective clothing to change into.  Bronze and above do have dryland so tennis or running shoes should also be brought.  Girls swimsuits should be one piece and because of the wear and tear from daily exposure to chlorine in the pool a competitive grade suit available at swim shops and swimoutlet is recommended.  It is inadvisable to purchase department store suits as they break down rapidly.  Any color or style is ok for practice.  A specific suit for competitions will be made known later in the season.  

Athletes also should purchase the equipment below.  We have limited amounts of equipment that can be borrowed and usually belongs to a member who is kind enough to share. As the pandemic has made this practice less safe it is even more important that athletes have their own.  All swimsuits and equipment are encouraged to be bought at https://www.swimoutlet.com/affiliate_storedetail.asp?sid=69616&sc=SOAD9E1350128E4D our affiliate store.  We get a small percentage back that can help us keep our costs low and purchase more equipment that can be borrowed for those in greatest need. 

Lessons-Mesh bag, Kickboard

Booster I-Mesh bag, kickboard, pull buoy, paddles, ankle strap, fins, and Posture Trainer

Booster II- Mesh bag, kickboard, pull buoy, paddles, ankle strap, fins, posture trainer, breaststroke strap, and snorkel

Bronze-Mesh bag, kickboard, pull buoy, paddles, ankle strap, fins, posture trainer, breaststroke strap, snorkel, breaststroke fins and monofin.

Silver-Mesh bag, kickboard, pull buoy, paddles, ankle strap, fins, posture trainer, breaststroke strap, snorkel, breaststroke fins, monofin, zoomer fins, tempo trainer Pro.

Gold-Mesh bag, kickboard, pull buoy, paddles, ankle strap, fins, posture trainer, breaststroke strap, snorkel, breaststroke fins, monofin, zoomer fins, tempo trainer Pro.

Senior-Mesh bag, kickboard, pull buoy, paddles, ankle strap, fins, posture trainer, breaststroke strap, snorkel, breaststroke fins, monofin, zoomer fins, tempo trainer Pro.

Please reach out if you have any questions regarding the equipment. 


Our organization’s success depends on volunteerism.  There are many ways you can get involved and we are always open to ideas that will enhance our club.  Some possible places you can pitch in:

Fundraising-We are a 501 C nonprofit.  Money raised helps keep our tuition costs down. Fundraising is everybody’s responsibility both to enhance the program for all of our athletes and to help our neediest families keep their kids in the water.  We are a mission based non-profit so the money we raise directly impacts the programming we are able to offer.  Fundraising has 4 subcommittees:  

Annual Swim Team Fundraisers-Like our Swim A Thon these events have a participation requirement for every member of the club and help us reach current and future programming goals.  

Ongoing-Activities such as our Snack Bar and proceeds from equipment purchased through Swimoutlet.  These programs benefit our swimming families while also raising revenue.  

Outreach-Specific collaborative activities for our families on this program to meet their fundraising requirement.  

Grants and Sponsorship- Secures business sponsorships and grants to further our mission.  

Welcome Committee-Supports new families through their initial membership days to know procedures and other critical information while becoming a part of the CTA family.  

Social Events-  plans once a month team building outings.  From the Renaissance Fair to Moody Gardens, a picnic in the park or a skate night.  

Meets:  Once we start competing we will need officials, timekeepers, age group moms/dads and a host of other jobs to make the meet a success.

Parent Code of Conduct- (Including Parent Roles, Responsibilities and Guidelines)

As a parent of an athlete and member of Club Trident Aquatic (CTA), I will abide by the following guidelines:

The following Code of Conduct is for parents and spectators to abide by at every practice, meet, and/or team function.

1. I will maintain self-control at all times and will understand my role of being part of the CTA Swim Team.

    a. Swimmers – swim

b. Coaches – coach

  c. Officials – officiate

                d. Parents – support & parent

                          e. Board Members – vote and decide direction of the Club

2. I will show support for not only my child, but for all CTA swimmers and the team itself, and will demonstrate proper conduct and Good Sportsmanship at all times.

3. I will not coach or instruct the team or any athlete when at a practice or meet from the stands or any other pool area.

4. I will not interfere with coaches or officials on the pool deck.

5. As a parent, I understand that criticizing, name-calling, use of abusive language or gestures directed towards the coaches, officials, the board, and/or any participating athletes or fellow parents is disrespectful, and will not be permitted nor tolerated.

6. During competitions, questions or concerns regarding decisions made by meet officials will only be directed to a member of our coaching staff, NOT the official.

7. I will email, text or phone the coach for a parent/coach meeting. I will not approach the coach during practice.

8. I will make every effort to have my swimmer at practice on time.

9. I will make every attempt to not interrupt practice if my swimmer must leave the pool area early. (Please notify the coach prior if necessary or one of the board members if possible to relay the message.

10. I will contribute to the education of my swimmer’s proper nutrition, eating habits and sleeping habits.

11. I will keep my Family and Swimmer’s Accounts up to date.

12. I will remember that children sometimes tend to exaggerate. I will temper my reaction and investigate before over-reacting.

13. I understand that CTA will not tolerate any behavior that brings discredit or disruption to our athletes, fellow parents, coaching staff, board, and our organization.

14. I will respect the decisions of the board and adhere to all club procedures and policies; and work with the Board to maintain CTA as the premier swim club in the area.

15. I will remember that my swimmer is only one member of the team.

16. I will assist my swimmer(s) to understand the importance of following the CTA Swimmer Code of Conduct.

17. I understand that there is NO smoking or drinking on any school property including the parking lots.

Athlete Code of Conduct

Swimmers are what makes the Club Trident Aquatics so great. But in order to establish a team with high standards, our athletes must excel not only in the water but in life. CTA establishes guidelines in order for the organization to run successfully and to assist in setting boundaries for each swimmer. It is the responsibility of the parent(s) and athletes to understand and abide by the code, and of the coaches to fairly enforce the Athlete Code of Conduct

As a swimmer of Club Trident Aquatics (CTA), I will abide by the following guidelines:

  • Always keep quiet when the coach is talking. Listen and follow directions given by the coaches and do not talk back or argue with them
  • Be on the deck and ready to begin practice on time with proper suit, towel, dry land gear and fluids for hydration.
  • Stay for the entire practice time unless prior approval with coach has been given.
  • Be courteous: use proper language and tone of voice including no negative comments during practices, meets, and team functions.
  • Come with positive attitude daily and help others get better. Be givers/ doers.
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself — no splashing, dunking, horseplay, etc.
  • Properly use equipment including avoiding throwing goggles/caps, hanging on lane lines and hitting anyone.
  • Walk on the deck at all times.
  • Follow all posted rules for the facilities we use.
  • Please take care of the facility and treat it the way you would want someone to treat your home. Report any improper behavior found in the restroom/locker room to Coach.
  • Coaching staff decisions are final. All discussions will be held after the swim function, not during practices.